Don't be fooled buying cheap why? Read below!

Servers for HD/FHD Won't run above certain capacity that's why we won't do it we only channels that people want. We're not a site to take people's money & offer no value for money I would be very cautious going forward! 

We've had over 164 on average who contact us a month that been else where and ended up on our server due to poor service. Giving customers value for money is far more important than making few extra pennies! Some my customers been now with us for 4 years long term is the key. 

This means Saturdays our busier which means more customers are connected which means these sellers who provide thousands of channels will result in stop & start loops, most of all hassle for tv viewing.

Let me guess... Your Iptv supplier sometimes tells you the buffering isn't there side?

Under £50 for 12 months? Yup we hear this allot usually couple weeks the seller dissappears or comes weekends the buffering/freezing starts! You probably get told its your broadband rite? 90% it isn't your side its Usually because its overloaded cheap servers that's the problem! 

Tip: Under £50 for 12 months won't last ..... why? It isn't possible to buy them Under those prices....